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Bright N' Shine Savannah Pet Dental Cleanings provides affordable, non-anesthetic pet teeth cleaning by a certified veterinarian tech.

Pet Teeth Cleaning Services in Savannah and the Low Country Including Isle of Hope, Dutch Island, Tybee Island, Hilton Head (SC), Bluffton (SC), Richmond Hill & Pooler.


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Non-Anesthetic Pet Dental Cleanings For Cats and Dogs


What is the Difference Between an Anesthetic Dental Procedure and a Non-Anesthetic Dental Procedure?2023-12-13T19:38:10+00:00
A Non-Anesthetic Dental Procedure, is a dental cleaning that is non-invasive with no use of any medications, sedatives, or anesthesia. The pet is restrained using gentle, proprietary holds that ensure the pet’s safety throughout the dental procedure. Non-anesthetic dental cleanings don’t require blood work or medication, there are no side effects and no recovery time.
An Anesthetic Dental Procedure is the way your vet typically will do a dental procedure. The vet will give your pet a general anesthesia that lasts between 4 and 8 hours (teeth cleaning typically takes 30-45 minutes). Anesthetic dental cleanings require blood work and sometimes medication, there are many side effects including mild vomiting, nausea, extreme tiredness, and constipation and 12–24-hour full recovery time.
Is Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning Safer for My Pet than an Anesthetic Dental Cleaning ?2023-12-13T19:38:37+00:00

Yes, there are many side effects to general anesthesia as well as a 12–24-hour recovery. Many pet owners have concerns about putting their animal under anesthesia, especially if your pet is older and/or has other conditions impacting their health. However, if your pet has serious dental problems or symptoms of dental disease, you should contact your veterinarian.

Not sure if your pet has dental disease? Here are five top symptoms of dental disease and what to look for in your cat or dog:2023-12-13T19:39:28+00:00
  • Bad breath
  • Salivating
  • Gums may be red, swollen, and even bleed
  • Decreased or loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Dropping food from mouth while eating
What you need to know about Bright N Shine Teeth Cleaning for your Cat and Dog?2023-12-13T19:39:53+00:00

We designed Bright N’ Shine around one simple concept: you and your pet deserve to be treated like family. We do this cleaning your pet’s teeth without putting them under anesthesia. This makes our mobile dental cleaning services affordable, fast and convenient.

What our clients say about us!


We loved Bright N Shine. The people who came to my house to clean my 6 years old beagle’s teeth were absolutely great. They made me feel safe and comfortable when I gave my dog to them. When everything was done my dog was just fine running around in the house. I will absolutely schedule with them again. I like the convenience that they can come to your house and I don’t have to pay $500 to a Vet clinic to get my dog’s teeth cleaned.

Begum VG, Facebook Review


I got my two babies teeth cleaned today and Patricia was the technician, she was wonderful and very loving with both of my babies. I must say she did an amazing job on both my two yorkies, their teeth look super clean and they walk back like nothing had happened, playing and happy. I want Patricia to do their cleaning next time they are due. Excellent and professional job and customer service 👏 👍

Daniel Alicea, Google Review

I quoted out a few local veterinarian clinics to inquiry pricing to get my Dalmatian’s teeth cleaned and the quotes received ranged from $550 plus ! Luckily, I found Bright N Shine on Facebook, read all of their positive reviews and decided to book an appointment. From my initial inquiry to the date of my appointment, the customer service was impeccable! Most importantly, my dogs teeth looked amazing. Not only did I get to enjoy the convenience of this being a mobile service, but I enjoyed the overall transaction. I would highly recommend this company.

Nicole Strickland, Facebook Review


Pamela Lambert cleaned my fur-baby and I was amazed she was able to. He is not receptive to strangers, but he came out with beautiful white teeth. I recommend this to anyone that’s considering having their pets teeth cleaned

Donna, Facebook Review


We just had an amazing visit from Pamela! She treated my older boy like family and took extra care and attention with him. I’m amazed at how clean his teeth are. Wish I had done it sooner. Thank y’all for providing this service as an alternative to expensive and risky anesthesia vet visits.

Andrea, Facebook Review


Thanks so much for your service! Punch is happy and feeling great. I will definitely use you again.

Janice Shay, Google Review

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